Along the seashore you will find an abundance of goodies that will vary depending on the time of year and time of day. Foraging at low tide is a must for the seaweed enthusiast. There is a great variety to be found and many uses for each. There are some like the sea spaghetti that is easily identified, even to the novice seaweed gatherer.

Seaweed can be eaten raw or cooked in a manner of different ways. It’s good to experiment and if you’re worried about finding a poisonous one, don’t be!

On your visit to the seashore, it’s important not to unnecessarily disturb the area. There is much sea life to be found living in our sea garden so please forage with care and consideration for our Eco system. Take small amounts from each plant and always rinse the little crustaceans off in the sea or in a rock pool before bringing home.