Seaweed Cooking

Have some sea vegetables and don’t know where to start?

Cooking with seaweed is fun. Making your favorite recipes more nutritious is rewarding and not difficult at all. Initially, I would recommend getting a couple of different types of seaweed, sea spaghetti (himanthalia elongata) is a great starter sea veg for the uninitiated, and a milled or ground seaweed is versatile. When planning your menu keep in mind that seaweed and can be added to all kinds of dishes from sweet to savory. No matter what your favorite family recipes are, there is almost certainly a seaweed that will enhance and that dish.  Seaweeds are available online or in any large supermarket.

A great way to start is adding it to your bread dough. No matter what kind of bread you make, the addition of a little ground or milled seaweed makes it much healthier and you will find it lasts longer too! Seaweed is a natural preservative and the sodium contained in seaweeds is the healthy kind. So next time you make pizza, add some to your dough and enjoy the natural goodness of this plant and all the health benefits that go with it.

There is an increasing awareness in the western world at the moment of the amazing health benefits of seaweed. Jamie Oliver claims to have lost weight due to the inclusion of seaweed in his diet. And in fact seaweed is a natural source of sodium alginate, a chemical that can reduce fat intake by 75%! If you decide to cover your sea spaghetti in a rich creamy sauce or simply top with olive oil and herbs, it’s up to you and either way is delicious.

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